Although I am going to school for Library and Information Science, the specific domain that I am interested in applying my digital information skills to is political science - in particular, the international relations and conflict resolution subfields. Many of the classes that I have taken during my MSLIS conclude with open-ended final projects, in which you can apply the skills you have learned to the domain of your choice. I have used these final projects to improve the data resources available to political scientists and Peace/Conflict researchers.

Phase 1

I worked on Phase 1 during my first and second semesters (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019). I created a relational database that integrated most of the Correlates of War Project datasets.

Phase 1.5

I learned many valuable lessons about data management/curation during Phase 1, and how useful relational databases can be in the data curation process. I took these lessons and the improvements I was able to make to the Correlates of War datasets and submitted a poster (and 2-page poster paper) to the ASIS&T 2019 Annual Meeting. I presented my poster in October 2019, during my third semester.

Phase 2

I worked on Phase 2 during my third semester (Fall 2019). I created a country-year time-series dataset that integrated data from the Correlates of War, the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict dataset, the Polity IV Project, and the World Bank World Development Indicators. The four datasets were integrated with help from the countrycode R package.

Phase 3 (ongoing)

I am working on Phase 3 during my fourth and final semester. I am working on analyzing the country-year dataset I created in Phase 2 using modern statistical learning techniques.