My Streamlit Apps

A collection of public streamlit apps that I've created to visualize various datasets.

Included here are all of the public Streamlit apps I’ve created (published via Streamlit Cloud).

City of Boston: CityScore

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This app was created in part to demonstrate how civic data published through the Analyze Boston open data hub could be used and visualized, and in part to explore the dataset/data hub for my own personal edification. It visualizes the CityScore dataset.

Beepocalypse: Visualizing Query Results

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This app was created as an exploratory data analysis tool for fellow researchers working on the Beepocalypse project. The goal for this app was to allow researchers to see trends over time for articles matching various queries relevant to pollinator decline.

Interact with Gapminder Data

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This app is an example of what learners will create after completing the Carpentries workshop lesson Interactive Data Visualizations in Python. It visualizes the statistics about countries from the Gapminder dataset.