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My Classes for Spring 2020

5 minute read

This is it - the last semester of my MS/LIS degree. As I am currently job searching, I decided to take a slightly lighter class load for this final semester:...

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My Classes for Fall 2019

6 minute read

One year down, one year to go! During the first year of my MSLIS degree, I focused on the fundamentals: how to organize and process data. This year, I am shi...

My Class and Internship for Summer 2019

4 minute read

Today was the last day of both my class and my internship for the summer! I have been taking a class online, IS562: Metadata in Theory & Practice, as wel...

MSLIS Year 1 - A Reflection

16 minute read

It’s summer, and I have officially completed half of my Master’s in Library & Information Science degree. This past semester has been extremely busy for ...

My Classes for Spring 2019

8 minute read

It’s my second semester at UIUC! I learned a lot last semester, and I’m ready to learn even more. I also have to be prepared to be a whole lot busier… in add...

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It’s Final Project Time

2 minute read

It’s that time of the semester - final project time. Actually, final project time started a few weeks ago, but I’m only just now really diving into it. I hav...

Librarians, Privacy, & Data Ownership

11 minute read

Near the beginning of the semester (Aug 31), I attended a talk at the iSchool by Dr. Jingrui He about a machine learning solution her team crafted to address...

Introduction to Logic

7 minute read

A big part of learning basic logic is learning the terminology - and more specifically, learning what these words mean within the logical language (vs their ...

More About Me

5 minute read

In case anybody is curious to learn more about me, I’ve decided to preemptively interview myself to give some basic background on what I’ve studied, where I’...

The Feynman Technique for Learning

1 minute read

One of the reasons that I created this blog was in an effort to help me learn in a more meaningful way. There are multiple studies that show you can learn mo...

My Classes for Fall 2018

9 minute read

It’s my first semester at UIUC! So far it’s going pretty well, and I’m excited about all the new things I’m going to learn. It’s been three years since I’ve ...

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